What is poly mesh roof fabric?

Poly mesh roof fabric is a high-performance and durable reinforcement fabric used in roof restoration systems, repair of roof splits, and base flashing details. Poly reinforcing mesh roof fabric is recommended for all flat and low-slope roof applications. Poly mesh roof fabric is a soft flexible easy to use material that contours to the roof, around penetrations, curbs, transitions and other roof equipment for easy reinforced repairs and full restorations.

What is the feature of poly mesh roof fabric?

1, Good Toughness for wall decoration

2, Smooth surface, tight node to be stable

3, Uniform mesh hole, strength high tension

4, Neat Package

What is the benefit of poly mesh roof fabric?

1, The ease of use labor cost savings using a quality mesh roof fabric.

2, The material cost savings because the poly-mesh absorbs the coating much better than other fabrics used in roof systems. Therefore, it takes less coating to make the poly mesh roof fabric lay down on roof surfaces.

How to use the mesh for wall decoration?

1, Prepare cement concrete and square mesh

2, Apply cement concrete onto the wall

3, Stick and fix the square mesh to the cement concrete

4, Start to brush wall

5, Continue brushing

6, Require about 10cm for joints

Our company product FTT10693, the width is 110cm and the weight is 48gsm, made with 100% polyester, which is great for adding reinforcement to seams, panel overlaps, splits, joints, cracks, protrusions, and flashings. The fabric has high absorption capability, allowing liquid coating materials to quickly wet into and become encapsulated, forming tough waterproof details and reinforcements. If you are interested, welcome to inquiry and get more details.

Post time: Apr-27-2022

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