• What is poly mesh roof fabric?

    Poly mesh roof fabric is a high-performance and durable reinforcement fabric used in roof restoration systems, repair of roof splits, and base flashing details. Poly reinforcing mesh roof fabric is recommended for all flat and low-slope roof applications. Poly mesh roof fabric is a soft flexible ...
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  • What is noseeum netting fabric?

    While camping or hanging outdoors is a fun way to spend the leisure time, it can also be a little risky. Some might think that the greatest outdoor danger comes from the creatures you might encounter along the way, but our biggest threat comes from the tiniest insects – mosquitoes and nosee...
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  • What is air mesh fabric?

    Definition Air mesh fabric belongs to the category of mesh fabrics. This fabric is made by a knitting machine. Air mesh fabric is also known as sandwich fabric because it composed of three parts. The top, middle and bottom consist the three layers. This surface is usually a mesh construction, the...
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Main applications

The main methods of using Texstar are given below